About us

In 2019, our founder started Wallframes.ng leveraging on a seasoned 8 year long experience as a Landscape & Documentary Photography. His mission was to make Art accessible and affordable to every single Nigerian; with the prospective goal of creating an integrated commerce system to make the Art Industry a highly competitive revenue stream in Africa.

Two years later, we've served over 3,000 premium quality frames to 800+ satisfied customers; operating with a 100% bootstrapped business model from our state-of-the-art production facility in Ikorodu, Lagos-Nigeria.

We have since operated at both B2C and B2B levels, with a rich list of Interior Design outfits, Hotels and Corporate space owners including Oak and Teak, Starcks, Interswitch and Homafez.

Wallframes.ng is fast becoming a one-stop hub for all Art related needs, from creating a platform for Artists to exhibit and monetize their works to providing an absolute tech driven system of Art ordering and delivery for end users.
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